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Qt, Google BreakPad and MacOs

  • Hello there,

    Is here anyone who successfully build Google Breakpad on MacOS using standard tool chain without xcode?

    I'm trying to get work this library for two days now and still without success. I already successfully compiled it and ran it on Windows and Linux. (from original Google-git repository).

    But MacOS version of library has missing makefile for libbreakpad_client.a and generated libbreakpad.a does not contain the exception handler.

    I found few topic about this issue on "stackoverflow": but advice with updated makefiles didn't work for me.

    I also tried to download updated version directly from Mozilla repository (version 10 and 11beta). But when I tried to compile Mozilla version, there was another errors with undefined symbols (on Mac and also on Linux).

    I also found "AlekSi - breakpad-qt": but this version also works correctly only under Win and Linux. Under Mac there is some errors about "Unknown architecture -- are you on a PDP-11?"

    I will be gratitude to anyone who can point me how to compile it and get it work under Mac or who can send me a packed version of breakpad which can be compiled under MacOS using standard make and used in Qt application.

    Thank you

  • Did you get it working with Windows + Qt + MinGW? I had lots of errors compiling the breakpad libraries. After a bunch of hacks, when it finally compiled, it seemed that the library binary didn't contain the ExceptionHandler function.

  • Hello ultrasurf,

    after a lot of search and testing I finally managed to get breakpad working on all platforms. I wrote step-by-step article with examples how to do it.


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