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Writing audio output from an internally generated stream from a thread?

  • I have audio, 44 kHz 16-bit mono, that is generated inside my application which is a radio.

    I'm already using a thread to record the broadband RF, live, in a custom format, but I'd like to offer the option of recording the demodulated audio in a standard format: mp3 preferably, but ogg whatever or even uncompressed raw shorts (horrors!) as long as audio programs can read the resulting file.

    I see the multimedia stuff allows you to do this from a sound input source, by which, if I'm reading it right, they mean a sound card or other system hardware. But I already have my audio stream, buffers, etc., and I don't see anything that shows how one would address that kind of sound source.

    What should I be looking at, API-wise?

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