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Using qt.conf

  • In this "document":

    QLibraryInfo will load qt.conf from one of the following locations:

    1. :/qt/etc/qt.conf using the resource system
    2. on Mac OS X, in the Resource directory inside the appliction bundle, for example
    3. in the directory containing the application executable, i.e. QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath() + QDir::separator() + "qt.conf"

    The description of the first item is a bit unclear to me.

    The understanding I have of the resource system is a way to embedding binary data like images into a executable. So with that context, are they say Qt will look inside the executable embedded data for the qt.conf file? Is the path ":/qt/etc/qt.conf" the location inside the executable where qt.conf must be stored?

  • The Qt resource system allows you to embed a kind of virtual filesystem within the binary. The path ":qt/etc/qt.conf" does extactly mean what you're suspecting:

    QLibraryInfo first looks inside the embedded data if the "virtual filesystem" contains a file qt.conf in the path qt/etc/qt.conf - so yes that's the path "inside the executable" the file has to be stored.

    Mayby this one will help you a bit on this topic: "Qt Resource System":

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