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[Closed] Is there a problem showing a window fullscreen with showFullScreen ()?

  • I want my application to be full screen..
    @MainWindow w;

    works perfect for me.. But i see many people saying that there are some problems..
    Should i do something else? If yes tell me this.. I can see the width and height of my screen with this

    @QDesktopWidget * desk = qApp->desktop() ;
    int width = desk->width() ;
    int height = desk->height() ;@

    Then what?

    @MainWindow w;

    won't work with error:
    no matching function for call to 'MainWindow::setGeometry(int, int)'

    The application is intented mainly for ubuntu 12.04(+), maybe windows and maybe mac.. Never have tried the windows or mac one.. So i am just asking if showFullScreen () is a problem...

    Thanks for any answer, Leon

  • I've not seen any problem with showFullScreen().

    If there is any, then the problem should be reported in the bug tracker.

  • I personally never experienced any problems with showFullScreen() - on either Linux (Ubuntu) or Windows platforms.

    If you are seeing any problems with that function I'd use a workaround like you suggested but the function for changing the window size of your application is "QWidget::resize()": I'd suspect.

  • Ok then, thanks ;)

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