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Qdoc3 integration with dot diagraph to generate class diagrams

  • Hi

    i understand that currently qdoc can not generate graphs like doxygen does with dot integration? Does anyone knows in the future release will qdoc will also be integrated to generate similar class diagrams to make documentation more readable ?

  • I hope not! I find these auto-generated diagrams often distracting and not informative. I'd rather see them introduced manually where it makes sense to explicitly show the relationships with other classes, but not have them be there by default.

  • Personally i prefer diagram and code to understand, i think i understand better in those terms than english text.

    Of course even in doxygen, you can skip diagram drawing if that's not you taste, but having these automation around code reduces some efforts.

    Would really look forward to have same feature available with qdoc as well.

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