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Adding Sources to QtCreator 2.4.1

  • I am currently using QtCreator 2.4.1 with Qt 4.7.4 development libraries and am trying to track down a bug which after profiling with valgrind seems to occur internally within QGraphicsView::paintEvent(...) method

    To help isolate this problem I would like to step into the Qt source but having done some searching through the forums I have not being able to find a way to integrate the sources with my version of QtCreator.

    I have currently used the QtSDK manager to download the sources. I have also added a "Source Path Mapping" within Tools->Options->Debugger. I am sure that this step is where I am making a mistake as I am unable to even switch to source when viewing the QGraphicsView header file.

    I have so far tried adding the following Source Path Mappings

    Source Path=/var/tmp/qt-src


    Source Path=/var/tmp/qt-src

    Neither works.

    Thanks Paul

  • Anyone? Not getting anywhere trying to find my bug without being able to step into the sources.


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