[Solved] Apps using Plugins accessing static libs

  • All,

    I have a Linux-based Qt app I implemented which uses the QT framework for loading in plugins. The main app runs and each plugin renders its content within dock windows hosted by the main app. No problems here.

    The issue I'm having is I need to link in an in-house developed static library, which both the main app and the plugins will have access. If I link the library to the main app's and the plugins' .pro file, I can compile and link just fine. The issue comes about in that I only want one copy of the static lib and its data shared amongst the main app and plugins. It seems like I get a separate copy for each link reference to the static lib.

    Is this possible or am I going against the grain in terms of what it means to "share" a static lib amongst an app and its plugins?


    I recompiled our in-house developed library into a shared library (.so). Now my main app, as well as the plugins, access the shared library in a late-binding fashion.This approach provides the "single" instance copy I needed amongst my components.

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