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QtCreator c++ editor

  • Hi,

    Regarding the c++ editor in QtCreator...

    Is there any way to disable the realtime wavy red underlining of lines with errors in them?

    Also, when the cursor is placed on an identifier, a little box appears around the identifier(s) - any way to disable this?

    Basically, I just want a 'plain' editor with no flashing lights/disco effects etc.


  • I wonder why you want to disable the advanced features of an integrated development environment?

    Highlighting the errors in your code is extremely helpful, because you will have to locate and fix these errors anyway. I can't see why you want to work without that or even find it annoying.

    Also "autocomplete" (I think this is what you are referring to with the "little box") makes writing code much faster and more convenient, once you are used to it.

    Anyway, it seems like you are a looking for a plain code/text editor rather than an IDE.

    So why not simply go with Notepad++ on the Windows platform or Gedit on the Linux platform?

    (The purist will prefer Vi/Vim, of course ^^)

  • Suggest Notepad++.

  • Hello
    Suggest Emacs.

  • Hello. Seems i'm late, but maybe someone else will save a few minutes/hours.

    Qt Creator is great IDE, i prefer it even for plain C++, but the feature you mentioned is really irritating. So, use the source, it's opensource software after all.

    @ QTextCharFormat errorFormat;
    /* disable error underline

            // set up the format for the warnings.
            QTextCharFormat warningFormat;
            /* disable warning underline

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