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Can not setup debugger

  • Hi. I have used Qt Creator on Gentoo but now want to setup it on windows 7 too.
    But i can't configure neither gdb nor cdb: when I was trying to debug program with gdb, I saw the error message "the gdb process is unexpectedly finished(code 0)". I have used automatically detected gdb executable, manually selected "gdb.exe" from minGW installation and python gdb helper - this was no effect at all. After that I was trying to use Microsoft's cdb debugger, which seems can be downloaded from "this page":
    But after installation I couldn't locate where "cdb.exe" is. And QtCreator can't - when I start debugging with the "MSVC 2010 Debug" profile, I saw the error message, that Qt Creator can't find cdb debugger and gdb will be used. After this I saw the previously reported errors of gdb.

    Maybe somebody already faced with same error? Can I download cdb as single file, not as useless installer? Or, maybe, there is a way to fix pre-installed gdb in Qt SDK(which is preferable for me)?

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    I have moved your post to the "tools" forum, since you have a qt creator related question.

    One note, you cannot mix easily different compilers on the windows system. You may use mingw or one of the microsoft compilers as a tool chain. I would recommend to stay in one tool chain, when you are starting and trying to get something to work.

    You should be able to use the sdk installer for updating/installing the different components. Restart the installer and see which tools are missing and they should be installable in addition to what you have already installed.

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    • GDB only works well with mingw binaries, CDB only with MSVC binaries. You can not mix those and have a good debugging experience.

    • For gdb: Please use a gdb 7.2 or later with python support. We ship one that works in the Qt SDK (at least with the mingw we ship along;-), in many of the mingw packages I used so far the debugger did not work properly.

    • For CDB: Microsoft has moved around its debugger in the newest Windows SDK (and has no more stand-alone package which we used to recommend before). You will need to use a Qt Creator 2.5 (the release candidate was just released) to have it picked up now.

  • Thank you. Currently my windows desktop on work isn't available. Tomorrow I'll try to detect, which version of GDB i'm using or will install 2.5

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