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How to define your own mouse?

  • Hi,

    I have a device here that I want to use as a mouse. I got to make the cursor move as i wanted, but I can't propagate mouse clicks, and every Qt class for writing your own driver seems to be only for Embedded linux. Any solution(s) or idea(s)?
    I am running Qt 4.7.0 and working on windows XP.


  • You'll need to write a mouse driver using the Windows SDK. Qt isn't going to be of any help there, except maybe for the configuration dialogs.

    If you can, you could also try to make it actually act like a HID USB mouse (assuming it's USB). Then you wouldn't have to write your own mouse driver.

  • "Habfast" - any news about the driver that you need?

  • Hi,

    nope, sorry, it didn't work out too well. I had absolutely no experience in windows driver coding.

    sorry I can't help more than that,


  • What kind of device is that?.. How is it going to communicate with your PC?.. I have used my Nokia 6600 as an optical mouse 4 years ago!! So, I believe in nothing is impossible..

    This may not be applicable to your use case, but a small suggestion. Write a program that listens for your "device's" signals, let that Listener program convert those signals into appropriate mouse gestures... If you just need it in your application, then start the listener program on your program start up.. In case of Windows .NET will help you, I have moved my mouse cursor programmatically with the help of a "dll".. Google it!!.

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