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Qt Creator - no highlighting for ifdef blocks

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    I'm currently working on an application, that due to it's nature requires quite a lot of ifdefs in the code. I'm developing on Kubuntu, with Qt Creator using Kate's syntax highlighting.

    The problem is that inside ifdef blocks the code is grayed-out. I understand that this might be a good feature for some people that want to omit parts of the code that are not currently defined, but I would like to have highlighting everywhere. Is it possible to change this behaviour? I have looked through QtC's options, but found none. As a temporal hack, I simply comment the ifdefs out during my coding, but it's not very elegant or useful.

  • I don't know how to make QT do it like you want to, but you can do this:

    • Only use #ifdef (not #else)
    • Create a new build configuration where you define al those.
    • Switch when you build to your normal configuration.

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    Doesn't seem to be working. But it looks like a nice idea :)

  • using DEFINES+=... in your QMake additional arguments line?

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    ah, bingo, that did it! Thanks a lot!

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