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How to run Qt application from windows commandline?

  • I developed Qt application using "Qt Creator 2.3.0 Based on Qt 4.7.4 (32 bit)".
    I got its ".exe" file which run perfectly after double click on it.
    But I want users of this application to run it from their windows command line.
    How can i do that? what command they must type to run the application?

  • I QT SDK and this is how I get to a command line:

    go to:

    All Programs
    ->QT SDK
    -> Qt 4.8.1 for Desktop (MinGW

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

  • I use QT SDK ....

  • No.....i want to know how to run a application(which is already developed using QT SDK) using command line....

  • have you tried:

    qmake -project

  • qmake is windows?? no id didnt try....
    i thought its only for windows....
    ok...whats the procedure?

  • I am new to all this so I am guessing..

    if you go to:
    All Programs ->QT SDK ->Desktop -> Qt 4.8.1 for Desktop (MinGW)

    This will give you a command line option. Once you have that open, CD to your project directory and do the following:

    qmake -project

    I am not sue if this is what you were looking for, sorry if I led you on a wild goose chase.

  • oh...i think u misunderstood my words.....i want user of the Qt application(which i developed) should able to run through the commandline....they wont be having QT SDK.....

    Hope it make sense to u...
    Anyway thank u for your reply...:)

  • ah..sorry I misunderstood.

  • Hi aurora,

    if you put all neededs stuff in the correct location (search for distribution on DevNet or the docs) it makes no difference if you run it from command line or from desktop.

  • if you have all the required libraries in the directory, including the Qt dll's for your library, then you can just use the explicit path to run your application (unless you have a Qt license and built it statically, then you dont need the dll's)...


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