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Difference between normal mouse click and touch

  • Hi,

    I have the following problem: I'm using the QML Button from the getting started text editor example in my application. When I click with a normal mouse on it, it gets a little bit bigger.
    When I click on it on a touch device with my fingers, it doesn't scale.

    So here my question: Where is the difference between a normal mouse click and one of a touch?

  • Ok it looks like when clicking with a finger the MouseArea.pressed event isn't called. Is this normal or a bug?

  • I have the same problem.
    Mousearea onPressed is called and onClicked isn't.
    Any news?

  • Which version of Qt and QtQuick are you using, on which platform? Which input device are you using to test the touch interaction? The onClicked event certainly should be triggered for touch events in a MouseArea, AFAIK, so this sounds like a bug.

  • Platform: Windows 7 Embedded.
    The input device is an ipc with a projective capacity display.
    And it seems, that he reacts on the onClicked event, but there is no visual reaction on it. Everything works fine, you can click a button etc, but you don't see it getting bigger or changing his color for a short period of time.

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