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Two line elided Text

  • Greetings Trolls,

    I'm using a QML Text component + "Text.ElideRight" and it's working fine.

    But when I'm having a string like "Hello\nWorld" I can't seem to keep the "ElideRight" together with the line skip.

    Has anyone got a trick for a "two line elided" QML Text ?



  • looks like a bug. can you log it against qt-quick ... if there is a trick to get this working, then a bug against insufficient documentation :)

  • Hi,

    Eliding multi-line text isn't currently supported, but it's something we'd like to support (see "QTBUG-12305": We'll update the documentation for elide to make that clearer (it currently says that it cannot be used with wrapping enabled, but it's really any multiline text that doesn't work).


  • Thanks guys.

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