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Problems Combining Qt with Xt/Motif - text rendering in Motif dialogs cuts text as soon as German "umlaute" are contained in text string under Linux

  • Hi all,

    maybe someone knows more about a solution for the post's problem:

    • We have a quite old application with a legacy Xt/Motif 2.3 UI
    • We are starting to partially replace Motif dialogs by Qt dialogs until there is finally only Qt left
    • everything works correctly so far on the eventloop level and on Qt side


    • As soon as we link the old project against Qt 4.8 or 4.7.4 (dynamically) problems pop up in old Motif Dialogs where German "Umlaute" (->special Characters) are rendered. As soon as text contains such special characters text rendering stops at that point and the text after the special character is simply cut --> not visible anymore. The Qt side does not have that problem.

    To our opinion and from reading some related postings we assume Xt/Motif and Qt interfere on the XFT rendering level (both seem to rely on that) but don't have any idea where to stick our fingers into to fix the problem....

    Anyone out there who has an idea what is going on there? Is there a text encoding selection problem? Does Qt overwrite certain default XTF settings so that Motif text rendering fails?


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