Problem while building the example application

  • Hi Friends,

    I received the "LNK4099: PDB VC90.pdb' was not found linking with the object info while compiling the all type of sample application. How can I resolve this warning? I also tried to run the application with this warning, but I am not able to execute the application. While executing the application I got the following error,

    "The program has unexpectedly finished".

    Please let me know the steps to resolve this error.


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    In general the warning you are reporting should not be the reason that you are not able to execute the compiled examples.

    You should provide some more details about your installation. Otherwise it will be hard to provide help.
    From where did you get the Qt installation?
    What did you install?
    Operation system?

  • Hi Koahnig,

    Thanks for your response. I downloaded the "Qt SDK Offline" installation from the download section of this site.
    I installed this "Qt SDK" software. After this installation I also installed the "Qt Library for Windows (VS2008)".
    I am currently using "Windows 7" operating system.
    IDE - Qt Creator
    I don't know about the compiler. How can I find the compiler details?

  • Are you using VS 2008 or Qt Creator to compile the project? Is this project having any 3rd party libraries? or just a sample Qt Project?

    Qt can be compiled using MinGW or VS Compiler as well. While installing itself you would have configured Qt to use which compiler. Since you have installed from Qt SDK Offline (presume the one > 1 GB), you can configure your Qt project to use which compiler.

    In fact, if you select the Projects button in Qt Creator, under Build Configuration, 'Edit build configuration:' you can select which project type to choose the respective compiler.

  • For example, I am using MinGW G++ Compiler and GMake system. So I downloaded Qt libraries from this link and installed it. "Qt libraries 4.8.1 for Windows (minGW 4.4, 319 MB)":

    You may have to choose which compiler you want to use first.

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