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Subclassing QML Image item

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to create a QML Image item from a C++ class, for dynamically adding image into a QDeclarativeView.
    I found that I need to herit from QDeclarativeItem and to implement paint(...).

    Isn't it possible to directly use/herit the QML item "Image":" instead? Like this, I would only need to set the property "source" by my self, and the painting, the scaling, the fitting, ... will be managed automatically like "Image":" item from QML component did?

  • Hi,

    It isn't possible to use or inherit QDeclarativeImage directly from C++ (it is a private class). One option for creating and manipulating Image elements from C++ is the following:

    QQmlEngine engine;
    QQmlComponent component(&engine);
    component.setData("import QtQuick 1.0;\nImage {}", QUrl());
    QObject *object = component.create();

    You could then set the source either via QObject::setProperty(), or by manipulating the string passed to setData().


  • Thanks for the reply,

    it was already what I did (I suppose you mean QDeclarativeComponent in Qt 4.8.1), except that I was loading a nearly empty QML file :
    @QDeclarativeComponent component(engine, QUrl::fromLocalFile("myimage.qml"));@

    But it's still not allowing me to get a C++ class like MyImage which would also be a QDeclarativeImage.

    I was needing a direct inherit from my C++ class to the declarative class for easily founding my C++ class from the parent item of an other QML item using findChild.

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