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QPixmap fails in release

  • In my application I use QPixmap to load some Jpeg files that I will show in QLabels.

    It works fine when I run my application in debug, but, when I recompile it in Release and I run the release executable manually or by QtCreator, QPixmap fails loadind jpeg file.

    I've seen someone suggests to copy the imageformats folder (with all dlls) in the same folder of the executable file but it doesn't work !

    Is there something I have to do in my source code ? I simply do that (and in debug works fine):
    QPixmap l_Pixmap;
    bool l_boResult;
    l_boResult = l_Pixmap.load("C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Exe\Labels\3.jpg");
    but I've seen someone loads plug-ins directly in the source cose...

    Are there other trick to be used ?

    Thanks a lot !!!

    [Edit: Added @ tags; mlong]

  • you can use
    QList<QByteArray> QImageReader::supportedImageFormats () [static]

    to determine whether the necessary plugins have been loaded. You can print the result in a console or message box and you'll at least find out if there's a problem loading the image formats plugins.

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