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How can I change the "link" colors in Qt Assistant?

  • With my eyes and monitor, the "visited" link color in Qt Assistant looks like standard black text. How can I change this color to make it stand out better?

  • you already tried to use stylesheet?

  • [quote author="Renatosantos" date="1334960370"]you already tried to use stylesheet?[/quote]

    Don't know how to apply a style sheet to packaged version (ubuntu) of Qt Assistant, and don't really want to compile it from scratch. Was hoping there was an option that would change it, like there use to be.

  • Presume there is no option like that - you may have to re-compile as you already figured it out

  • try modify the xml. you already tried?

  • [quote author="Renatosantos" date="1335954540"]try modify the xml. you already tried?[/quote]
    I could not find any xml files associated with Qt Assistant. In looking through the code, I couldn't find any way to change the color without changing the LinkVisited default color, and recompiling. The other option would be to change the .css style sheet for each of the documents, and rebuilding the whole documentation package. Just not worth the effort. Thanks for your suggestions, but am going to give up and just live with it for now.

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