OpenglWidget doesn't work on a high resolution screen

  • I'm working with 2 displays 1920x1200 plugged to my ATI video card. Virtually I have screen with 3840x 1200. When I strecth my OGLWidget on the whole screen nothing displays on the part of the screen with the resolution over 2060. I even see my Windows desctop over my widget. It seems like widget is not refreshed there. Only when I move my window OGLWidget refreshes there. Qt window though works properly on the whole screen. Any one has any idea why OGLWidget doesnt' refreshes on the high resolution screen?

  • The problem stand still.

  • Since this seems like a bug I suggest you file a bug report ("":

    However, bugfixing is going quite slow on special (i.e. not use-case) bugs like this one. You might have to dig into the code of Qt and fix it yourself. If you're lucky it's just some hardcoded update-rect-limit you need to change or the size of a buffer etc.

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