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[Solved]QFile $ QStream What is that?

  • hi , is that a bug or something i can't understand
    @#include <QtCore>

    int main()
    QFile File("test.txt"); | QIODevice::Text);

    QTextStream out(&File);
    out << "QTextStream ,  First Line \n";
    File.write("QFile , Second Line \n");

    the output file
    test.txt is
    QFile , Second Line
    QTextStream , First Line

    I have more bugs with QTextStream or we must use one method QFile or QTextStream ?
    I write this code under Mac OSX ,Not tested on windows

  • Well,

    if you mix up QFile write calls and QTextStream write calls, I think that you can encounter some strange output due to the fact that (I suppose) QTextStream "buffers" its data for a while before writing for real.

    So I suggest to write your file using "only" QTextStream or "only" QFile write calls.


  • From "QTextStream Class Reference":

    bq. Internally, QTextStream uses a Unicode based buffer, ...

    bq. Since the text stream uses a buffer, you should not read from the stream using the implementation of a superclass. For instance, if you have a QFile and read from it directly using QFile::readLine() instead of using the stream, the text stream's internal position will be out of sync with the file's position.

    So the conclusion is, as mentioned by Antonio: you must not mix up using methods of QTextStream and QFile on the very same file.

    1. As Antonio mentioned you should use only one approach and don't mix direct file writing and text stream writing.
    2. By declaring your text stream you say that everything will go to file, but not as soon as you use << operator. When something is outputted via << operator it sits in a intermediate buffer and waits for flushing. So, you need to call


    and this will put data from buffer into a file that your stream is bound to.

  • @out.flush();@
    thanks I think i understand now

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