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[SOLVED] QtCreator: where is Qt4ProjectManager.Target.DesktopTarget set?

  • I'm getting an error from QtCreator.

    "No tool chain available for invalid Qt version used in 'Qt4ProjectManager.Target.DesktopTarget'."

    I have checked the documentation and find no mention of the error nor can I figure out where 'Qt4ProjectManager.Target.DesktopTarget' is set. I haven't found any information on this in documentation and it doesn't appear to be something stored in the config files.

    I've checked the QtVersions tab and that looks correct. How do I find out what 'Qt4ProjectManager.Target.DesktopTarget is currently set so?

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    You got this message when trying to build something?

    Have you checked your settings in Options -> Build & Run -> Toolchain tabs?
    If you're ensure about these settings check also Project -> Tool chain also.

    What settings you have and which version you're using, also what are you trying to build?

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    Qt4PM.T.DesktopTarget is the internal name for the Desktop target.

    If you get that message on the console where you started Qt Creator, then this basically means that you have referenced a Qt Version in your project configuration that no longer exists (invalid Qt version). This Qt version targeted the desktop (the Qt4PM.T.DesktopTarget part says so).

    Of course since the Qt version is no longer there Creator will not know which tool chain to pick to build code for it (the "No tool chain available" part).

    The message is mostly there to help with development. You can safely ignore it if your project opens fine otherwise.

  • Thanks. I thought it was linked to the project I was building. I'll clean out all of the no-longer valid settings.

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