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Xmlpatterns in qt4.3

  • Hi,

    I am using Qt 4.3 in sun Solaris 10

    I was looking for xpath and xsd validation functionality in Qt.
    I came across XmlQuery and XsdValidator in Qt. But they are not available in Qt4.3 version.
    It is available from 4.6 onwards. I will not be able to upgrade Qt from 4.3 to latest beacause of application dependency.

    Can any one clarify the below questions:

    1. Can i compile only xmlpatterns module in sunsolaris 10. If yes how shall i do I did the qmake and it returned the following error
      $ qmake
      /xmlpatterns/ include(file) requires one argument.
      /xmlpatterns/ include(file) requires one argument.
      WARNING: Failure to find: ../corelib/global/qt_pch.h
      /xmlpatterns/ include(file) requires one argument.
      WARNING: Failure to find: ../corelib/global/qt_pch.h

    2. Can both 4.3 and 4.6 co exist on the same machine? and use xmlpattern when ever required.

    3. Is there any way that i can achieve this functionality

    Thank you in advance

  • welcome to devnet

    I can answer your second question for other operation systems.
    Under windows and linux you can install different version of Qt development kits on the same machine. In most cases it does not matter which of the dlls you are using for application. They have to be at least the version you have used for your compilation.

    In my experience it is more a matter of memory available for newer versions. With embedded applications this is a factor.

    I am wondering what the issue could be with Solaris.

  • Thank you for the information.

    I was checking the possibility of installing Qt4.3 and 4.6 in the same machine.

    I understood from the reply that is is possible. I have not tried installing.

    I have one development machine where Qt 4.3 is installed, and It is required for compiling my application. I am extending the same application to do some xml parsing/processing, for that i wanted to use xquery.

    I will not be able to point to new version of Qt because of the 4.3 dependency.

    Please suggest if i can use xpath


  • Unfortunately, I have no experience with Solaris at all. My main environment is Windows, but I have compiled, installed and used Qt 4 on Linux machines (Ubuntu and openSuse). I have upgraded my Qt versions already a couple of times without problems. So I may be a bit ignorant in understanding why you have a problem to upgrade to a new version. However, I do not the amount of dependent applications and of their dependency on Qt 4.3 version. So you are the only one who can decide.

    I have no experience with xpath.

  • The dependency was some api changes in Qsharedmemory from 4.3 to later version.

  • AFAIK Qt is backward compatible, which means to me that any program developped with Qt 4.3 can be run using Qt 4.6 (or 4.7, 4.8) libraries. I am currently developping with Qt 4.7 and 4.8 something I started with Qt 4.3 without any problems.

    I therefore don't get your point when you say you cannot upgrade your Qt libraries... Or maybe I am just missing something.

  • I agree that Qt is backward compatible. But the problem that I am facing is more like forward compatibility.

    I have Qt 4.3 Application. I can not rebuild the application with Qt 4.6 because the deployment system will have only Qt 4.3 libraries. And migrating the deployment system can not be done because of the project nature.

    Now I wanted to use some functionality in 4.6 i.e. XML xpath query in the application. but compiled against 4.3.

    So Is it possible to make xml xpath as part of 4.3 by taking the module and associating with the 4.3 compilable application.

    Thank you in advance

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