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[SOLVED] QwtPlotZoomer zoom out using QPushButtons?

  • Is is possible to zoom out after zooming in (any amount of stacks) to the stack index of 0 using a push button in a QwtPlotZoomer?

    My layout has 2 push buttons, 1 push button that turns the zoomer on and off, then I have another push button that will zoom all the way out to its original state. I cant find a way to do this...my application is going to be used on a touch screen so I cannot use push events...

    Any Qwt Guru's out there? Thanks!

  • @zoomer->zoom(0)@
    should help!

  • Thanks! I had actually figured out another way as well!

    zoomer->setZoomStack(zoomer->zoomStack(), 0);

    My other issue was I was not initializing my stack after I set my data points


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