[Solved]QTreeView based on MVC Pattern

  • Hello everyone,

    I read some articles about MVC, better to say MV, design pattern in Qt and used the Simple Tree Model example which is existed as an example in Qt_Examples in my program.

    My proram is a MainWindow with different parts and functions. I put the Tree in the QTabWidget:
    QTabWidget tabWidget = new QTabWidget;
    tabWidget->addTab(new GeneralTab(), tr("General"));

    //The writen code in GeneralTab class
    QFile file(":/default.txt");
    TreeModel model(file.readAll());

    QTreeView* treeView = new QTreeView;
    QVBoxLayout* treeLayout = new QVBoxLayout;
     setLayout( treeLayout);


    The problem is nothing will be showen, in my tab!!! even no error message!

    I am looking forward to the suggestions esp. solutions:)

  • Hi,

    your model is a stack variable, which means, it will be deleted on method end.
    Make it a heap object created with new :-)

  • Don't worry, it's a classic mistake :-)

  • Thank you. It works now:)

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