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Longform of Qt

  • Hi friends,
    I want to be learn this Qt framework.Now I m being downloading it.But I dont know wht is longform of Qt.?

    Plz tell me someone that What is longform of Qt.I had searched on WEB, but I dont get my answer.

    Thanking you.

  • welcome to devnet

    You have to be a bit more specific on your question. What do you mean with longform? Or where did you comes across this term?

  • If your question is about what "Qt" stands for, the answer is that there is no answer. It is the cute toolkit, that is it.

  • According to the legends, the letter Q looked nice on the font in the editor that the original developers used to create Qt (emacs), and the combination with the 't' was there to mimic the name of another toolkit: Xt, the toolkit available to build applications for the X window system.

  • Thank you Andre sir.


    yes I m talking abt for wht Qt stands for.

  • [quote author="ysr.shk" date="1333966922"]
    yes I m talking abt for wht Qt stands for.[/quote]

    That's the name. It's not an abbreviation and there is no long form of the toolkit's name.

    Even the pronunciation as "cute" was added quite late. Rumor says that founding trolls refused to do so for a long time :)

  • thNx Volker for this valuable info.

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