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Creating bullet collision objects fromQGLSceneNode

  • Hello,

    I'm fairly new to the bullet physics engine. I'm trying to create a method for creating a btCollisionShape from a QGLSceneNode.

    From what I understand is that I need to extract the Geometry Data and the transformation for each node in the NodeTree of QGLSceneNode.. ? or ?

    I also understand that a collision shape should not exceed more than 100+ vertices .. soo the method should be able to simply the mesh..

    Does anyone have any experiance in this topic ? Any input is very much appreciated :)


  • As a rule of thumb performance wise you'll want to stick to using as simple collision shapes as possible, boxes spheres etc. A whole polygon mesh shape will be really heavy.

  • Hello Matti,

    Thanks for Your reply !

    I hope You might answer one more question.. I'm probably not going to use more than 100 objects .. Do You still think it is to slow even if I will try to use the part of bullet that is using OpenCL for the collision detection ?

    Should I go for PhysX by NVidia instead ? .. It would be good to not have dependencies to nvidia graphics cards..

    Best Regards

  • Number of (active) collision shapes & their complexity is what build the CPU strain of the process, obviously - so, use as simple collision shapes as possible (you can use combinations to represent more complex objects) and only include the shapes you need in the calculations; if some objects are far away from the "action", just remove them from the list of active shapes and save some calculation power. I would suggest asking this on the Bullet Forums as they are the right people to discuss this with. My experience with it is limited to a single "mobile app": where I used a multithreaded approach to do the physics calculations in a separate thread, using some 8-50 box collision shapes at once. I have no experience in PhysX nor have no idea how much complexity can a gaming PC handle, for instance.

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