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QT5 QML Desktop Widgets

  • I know the QML docs are actively being worked on for QT5. In the meantime does anybody know where I can find an example or even the source code for any of the QML desktop components that are ready?

    "This blog post from March 2011": has examples of what I'm referring to. Has the repo linked up in that post been merged into the QT5 repo? If so where? Does anyone know how those components can be used in a QT5 project?

  • The Gitorious repo listed in that post has not been merged into any of the Qt5 modules and is also not available in a playground repository.

    Looking at the code the 'qt5' branch is your best bet to get it up-and-running with Qt5, except for that the code has not been updated after the renaming of QtDeclarative, so it might not compile.

  • Thanks for the tips cvandonderen. Do you know what the plan is for adding QML based desktop components to QT5?

  • I don't think there currently is a fixed plan. It certainly wasn't planned to be released in Qt 5.0. Perhaps in a later . release? I guess it will be on the table again at the Qt Contributors Summit in June.

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