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[SOLVED] Qt Creator + CMake + MSVC 2010 Express = annoying LNK4099 warning

  • Hi, I am working towards building my application using MSVC 2010 Express, and though I have made good progress (not as easy/convenient as MinGW though), I have come across a LNK4099 warning when building a debugged version of my application.

    Now, I have seen may threads which pretty much say that we can safely ignore that LNK4099 warning, and I can see why. Still, I don't like warnings. It just doesn't look good. So, is there really no way to get rid of that annoying warning?

    Cheers, Alan.

  • Thanks a lot for this koahnig, I clearly hadn't come across that page before ("": for the workaround itself).

    Anyway, I applied the workaround, compared my new link.exe file against the original version to make sure that I had properly applied the workaround, and yet I still get that LNK4099 warning...?! I even renamed link.exe and tried to build my application which (obviously) failed, telling me that I indeed modified the right file, but still no luck...!?

  • I did not apply myself. So far, I can live with this warning even so I agree that it is a nuisance. The information seems to have already some layers of dust. It came actually before msvc 2008 and msvc 2010. I did not see this.

  • FWIW, I had another look at my LNK4099 warning issue and managed to get rid of it by adding /ignore:4099 as a linker option. Apparently, /ignore is an undocumented option. Whatever the case, it works for me and thought it might be of use to other people in my situation, i.e. wanting/needing to build their Qt application using MSVC.

  • Thanks for sharing your findings.
    With google you find some references, but those are not ms pages. So, you are probably right that it is an undocumented feature.

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