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Qt Creator - Autocomplete & variable recognition

  • Hello,

    Yesterday i decided to update Qt Creator to the last rep version to test if there is anything interesting and new. The previous one was also compiled from source. I noticed that some classes which i uncluded are not colored anymore. When i declare a variable with them it doesnt append their object after "->" or "." its strange that it happens only for some of the classes and i didnt find any reason.
    For example i have a project where QTextEdit, QMenuBar, QToolBar, QMainWindow and QTreeWidgetItem are not recognized by Qt Creator when the rest ten are perfectly recognized and autocompleted.
    The problem persist only in the IDE itself because the compiler is working with this source without any errors/warnings. When i install QTC from the .bin installer everything is OK. This problem is only when compiled from source. Is there any script in the .bin installer which makes any additional settings for the Qt dirs?

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    What is the last rep version? A build from master branch?

  • Ubuntu 12.04 (Beta)
    Qt Creator version 2.5.81 (fetched with git clone)
    Qt 4.8.1 (32bit)

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    There were some changes to the c++ preprocessor recently in master which might have caused problems like this... "please report a bug":

  • Thanks, Tobias.
    I reported it as a bug here

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