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Re-engineer the Simple Tree Model

  • Hello forum,

    I believe that almost all of you have gone through the simple tree model example. It contains the nested hierarchies of the tree items.

    I need some hint and tips if i need to flat down the whole tree - whick means that all the items will be under one single parent QModelIndex().

    I think i need to have sub-class QAbstractProxyModel and i am getting confused about what to do do inside the mapToSource and mapFromSource() function.

    I have to traverse the source tree recursively and reparent all the source tree item to QModelIndex(). Do i have to do it inside the mapToSource() or inside mapFromSource(). Basically i think i am not sure what these two functions mean. The manual does not illuminate that much .

    I request some one who already has a strong grip over the the idea of concept to explain it for me or refer me to any material that did the job.

    Looking forward to your helping hand!!!


  • Perhaps "this": will help?

    You can also have a look at the FlatModelProxy inside KDE.

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