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Qt Creator sessions are always lost.

  • Hi,

    I have a small problem with sessions on Qt Creator 2.4.1 on windows. Every time I start up I get the default start page, even if I have defined a session and selected the "Restore last session on startup" option.

    When I open the Session Manager again, the session I defined last time is gone, and the Restore session option is cleared.

    I can just reload all the projects each time, but it is a bit annoying....

    Any ideas?

  • Sounds like the settings are not stored at all. Or does it remember other setting changes?
    My guess would be that there is an issue with access writes where the settings shall be written.
    What OS are you using?

  • It's windows 7, 64-bits.

    Qt Creator appears to remember other settings in the Options window at least.

  • My problem is only that when I click on "Restore last session on startup", then "OK", and next time I open session manager, that option remains clear (like I didn't checked it).

    I am using Qt Creator 2.6.1 on Windows 7 64bit (I didn't had this problem with Qt Creator 2.5.2)

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