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How to wait until QPropertyAnimation finishes?

  • Hi all

    How can I pause executing program until QPropertyAnimation will finish its work?

    Thanks ahead

  • Why do not you want to do another actions async. when get signal @finished()@ from QPropertyAnimation

  • Please, explain why you want to do that. Maybe you're trying to solve a problem with a wrong solution...

    Well, QPropertyAnimaion uses timers to do its job, so you can't just block qt's main loop or you will not see your animation.

    I would suggest to connect the signal "stateChanged": in your app and detect when your animation starts and when it finishes. With this approach, you can block the components that shouldn't react during the animation.

  • Yes, you are rigth. I just forget I could block component from receiving new events and starting the same animation again. Thanks.

  • ??
    hello all,i use a for loop to move 10 QToolButtons one by one,but they move together in the end,and i don't know why.


    for loop
    for(int i=1;i<=3;i++){
    serialBin = score(temp,x);//Assign a value
    serialNumber = i-1;//Assign a value
    emit mySignal2();//signal

    Some of the variables and the statement
    QPropertyAnimation* theAnimation[10];
    QSignalMapper *m_pSignalMapper;

    connect(theCounts[serialNumber], SIGNAL(clicked()), m_pSignalMapper, SLOT(map()));
    m_pSignalMapper->setMapping(theCounts[serialNumber], QEasingCurve::OutSine);
    connect(m_pSignalMapper, SIGNAL(mapped(int)),this, SLOT(SetAnimation(int)));

    the SetAnimation function
    void MainWindow::SetAnimation(int nCurveType)
    qDebug() << "serialNumber = " << serialNumber;

    theAnimation[serialNumber]->setStartValue(QRect(serialNumber*40,20, 40, 40));


    because the whole project is too large,i don't copy all.
    Who can tell me why?

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