UPnp in Qt

  • I'm looking for information about how to map a port (UPnp or Nat-PMP).

    I use to help some friends through Remote desktop, and many of them, have routers but the don't konk how to open a port or they don't know the user & password of their router, and let a opened port is not the safe, so othe other day I started looking for the way to do a simple Upnp program just enable/disable a single port (TCP ).

    I googled a lot but I couldn't find a working example, and I'm just starting Qt, I'm Lost, don't known where or but to find info about it.

    i need the info about how to do this for Linux(ubuntu) or/& Windows

  • Don't know if it would help you, but take a look at "HUPnp":http://www.herqq.org/ - it uses Qt.

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