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Generate a DLL with __stdcall calling convention

  • Hi,

    I am generating a shared library(DLL) in Windows using QT Creator. I am facing a problem with this shared library (DLL).

    I have to generate a Library with __stdcall calling convention. By default it is created with __cdecl calling convention.

    I want to override this calling convention.

    Could you please help me to achieve this.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Hi Ramanujam,

    Qt does not do anything magic for this. If you want to export the funcation with __stdcall, you should add "__stdcall" to the function, which is exactly the same as you do when you using pure C/C++.



  • Hi Debao,

    Thanks for your answer. Actually I am aware of __stdcall.
    I will explain you the problem what I am facing.

    I am using third party library where all functions are in __stdcall calling convention. Third party library is a static library and it has a header file.

    Static library has a function
    void __stdcall SomeFunction()

    but in header file its prototype is
    void SomeFunction();

    What is happening is when I include header file in my Shared library(DLL) is
    SomeFunction() is considered as __cdecl because __stdcall is missing from prototype declaration in header file and Shared library by default was compiled in __stdcall calling convention.

    When I call SomeFunction() from my DLL it is giving a linker error because calling convention is mismatching with the function definition.

    I contacted the third party vendor and they said I have to change the project settings to __stdcall (/Gz) compiler option. It will solve the problem. For testing purpose I changed the prototype declaration to
    void __stdcall SomeFunction(); then Shared library is linking fine. But this is not the correct solution because third party library is licensed and I can't change the header file of a third party library.

    I hope you understood the problem. What I want is how can I change the QT project settings to include __stdcall convention similar to Visual studio where you change the calling convention from Project-->Properties-->C/C++-->Advanced-->Calling Convention.

    Basically what I need is How to include the library which uses __stdcall convention for all the functions with the DLL which uses __cdecl convention...............

    Please help me.....

    Thanks & Regards,

  • You can add following line to your .pro file.



  • Thanks a lot....

    Linking with third party library is fine now. But due this compiler option there is one more linker error in QString.

    I have done one sample and below are the steps

    1. Created a shared library to include QtCore modules
    2. included QtCore in my cpp file and added
      QString test = QString::number(5000); to convert number into a QString.
    3. Then added the
      QMAKE_CFLAGS += /Gz
      int the .pro file
    4. Rebuild entire project

    There are linker errors for these QString. If I remove above options from a .pro file it links successfully.
    My observation is accessing all static member functions of a class are giving linker error with this compiler option.
    For Example:
    quint64 g_ulCurrentPID = QCoreApplication::applicationPid();
    Also my project settings include "UNICODE" and "No (/Zc:wchar_t-)". I tried with "treat _wchar_t as default Built-in Type" as Yes. Still I am facing the same problem.

    Could you please help to solve this linker error

    Thanks & Regards,

  • I'm facing a similar problem changing calling convention to cdecl gives "Interlocked" errors in files qatomic_windows.h and intrin.h. I'm tried on Visual Studio using QT VS Plugin and QT Creator.

    Steps to recreate:
    Visual Studio

    Create a QT console application.

    VS properties -> Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> Advanced -> Calling Convention.

    Change to __stdcall (/Gz)

    Qt Creator

    Create a console or any other application

    In the .pro file add the following lines


    Build the project

    Platform Details:
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Visual Studio 2010
    QT Version 4.8.2

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