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Porting webkit to really small embedded devices

  • Let's say my hardware has some limitations. 10 MB of flash memory, 32 MB (max) of RAM, 256 MHz cpu - mips. Is it feasible to try and port webkit if I have my own widget toolkit (smaller than qt).

    All I need really is the webkit layout engine. And most importantly what steps should I take? I've been trying to cross-compile webkit but I cannot do it without some of the ports (gtk, qt).

    Any tips will be appreciated. I am sorry if similar question was asked but I didn't really find anything of help when I searched.

  • Anyone understands my question and willing to help or hopefully point me in the right direction to look?

  • try using skia or cairo port for graphics, i think you should time heavily on cutting down modules of Webkit. But 10MB/32MB is very tough to accomodate

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