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Accessing GPS device from qt desktop(windows) App

  • Hi...I want develop a qt desktop application which uses the external gps device attached to my desktop(windows xp). My question is can i access the device from a desktop app( I wanted to use qtmobility apis). How qt knows what type of gps it is?or on which ports they are connected.? Will qt handle all these issues sothat i can directly use the apis irrespective of device type ,vendor and type of interface to my desktop.

  • Hi,

    I'm not an expert in this thing, but I think you should use "QNmeaPositionInfoSource": and use, as QIODevice, "QExtSerialPort":

    Once I wrote a GPS application, but I parsed NMEA sentences by myself, cause at that time there was no QtMobility. QExtSerialPort works fine, as long as your GPS is seen on your desktop as a COM device (virtual or not).


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