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How to write descriptions for elements in the interface window

  • Hi guys,

    On my interface window i got drop down lists, radio boxes and all sorts of thigs. And i want to write some descriptions for the user explaining what each element does. Is it possible to write descriptions for them once you move your mouse over them a description buble would come up to explain what it does?


  • There's a member function in all QWidget controls called setToolTip(QString ...).
    QPushButton *button = new QPushButton;
    button.setToolTip("If you click this button, the doors of heaven will open for you");

    Cheers :)

  • A thousand thank you's :D it worked like a dream, i got another question if you don't mind, how would you do the same thing for a each tab in a tab-widget? i mean write description for each separate tab?

  • If there would be a way, it would be the same. Just use setToolTip on the QTabWidget object you have. I think you have to point your mouse on the top of your QTabWidget, where you select the tabs.

  • Tooltip is one solution, you can also put the description text on mouse over in the main window status bar, it is a common and a little less intrusive approach.

  • Thanks guys :D it worked.
    Btw I am making an openGL teaching tool and I am not a super creative person, would any of you be interested in testing my interface once I got it up and running?

    I would love to get some feedback to see if I am doing an ok job.

    Thanks for all of your help =]

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