[SOLVED] Library for XY Plot

  • Dear All,

    I might be posting this question that might have been posted already.

    Planning to develop a Chart Tool kind of application, wherein the plot data like X & Y coordinates are available.
    Would want to check whether any inbuilt library available for plotting the data?

    I searched for it, found Qwt a 3rd Party Library, that might serve my purpose. Does anybody use it? Would want to have a consensus about Qwt?

    Appreciate your response and thanks in advance.


  • welcome to devnet

    The are a couple of people around using Qwt. The library is great with a lot of possibilities. If it is suitable for you that has to be your decision. Some feedback for help you get in this forum, but I would recommend also to sign up in the Qwt mailing list.

    There are also other possibilities for charting around. Unfortunately, I could not find a link right away.

  • One alternative option is KDChart, from KDAB.

  • Thanks Koahnig & Andre for your response.

    I thought of using Qwt for my application.

    Andre, let me look into KDChart as well.

    Thanks again,

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