Building the Qt Library

  • Can I build Qt Library with my suffix
    like this:

    I want to use my qt library (compiled by me) and do not use ubuntu qt library.

    Thank you in advance.

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    For compilation of Qt you need to copy all the sources to a folder and compile them. When you follow the rules as defined through the information supplied with the source you will have a separate installation on your computer. You may have several versions/installations of Qt on your machine. Every installation comes with the tools like qmake, designer and stuff. These tools have the path names linked in. So, if you are using qmake of the version you compiled yourself, it will also access the libs and stuff you have compiled.

    Probably you can change the names of the libs afterwards. However, I strongly recommend to refrain from this step. Suddenly you need to take of a lot of things which are typically arranged by these tools.

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    That is what the "-qtlibinfix" option to configure is for.

    You might also want to put Qt into a custom namespace using the "-qtnamespace" option to configure if you are afraid that something (library or plugin you end up using) might pull in the system Qt into your application.

    Note that you can also override the library search path to make sure your Qt version is picked up (check the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable on linux, PATH on windows, DYLDsomething on mac, forgot the details;-). That is what use to switch between Qt versions all the time.

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