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OpenGL Multithread

  • Hi everyone,
    i am using opengl to render video frames from opencv.For example, I want to displays several webcams in several opengl widgets .This works fine when having only one instance of a QGLWidget rendering one camera but when running several instances of this widget it seems that they are all sharing the same texture and i get flickering image with the cameras image superposed.I also try this with video file(USING DIRECTSHOW->OPENCV for image proccesing->QGLWIDGET to render).
    I believe it has to be something with multithread opengl but I still cant figure it out. I would appreciate if anyone can help me with this.


    [Edit: Removed the all upper-case SHOUTING! from the title to make it less Exciting! -mlong]

  • :D SOLVED. my mistake was that i wasnt setting my opengl context properly ,I used wglMakecurrent or this-->makecurrent() function

    If anyone got any question about this,Ill be glad to help :)


  • Thanks for sharing your solution.

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