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[Solved] How to not packaging files that are already in resource file again?

  • I am not using resource file at first. Then I decide to use a resource file.

    After adding all my pictures and sound files to the resouce file(resouces.qrc). I find that my app size doubled. Also, I find that when I deploy my app, the pictures and sound files are also where they were as before.

    So I guess the build system builds the qrc file, as well as including my pictures and sound files. Which means, I have duplicated files in my app install file.

    How can I keep them from not packaging into the app install file? As I have already had them in my resource file.

    Thank you.

  • In .pro file, comment the lines of ship folder
    @# Add more folders to ship with the application, here
    #folder_01.source = qml/youfolder = qml
    #DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS = folder_01@

    files and folders are packaging to the installer file implicitly.

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