(resolved) getting Creator to "pick up" new version of GCC

  • I'm still learning my way around tool chains. I just downloaded GCC 4.7 (into /opt/local/bin), and got a whole bunch of binaries there. And, /opt/local/bin is in my PATH variable. So, how do I get Creator to see it automatically?


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    Creator picks up the first GCC it discovers in PATH automatically. So put /opt/local/bin to the front and it should find that one.

    I'd just set up a tool chain manually though.

  • Thanks, Tobias. I'm not ignoring your suggestion to set it up manually, but I want to see that I can get it to work automatically first. I just rearranged my PATH variable, but it still picks up the compiler in /usr/bin. This tells me that one of two things is happening:

    1. I screwed up the install (possible, though I used Macports and it seemed OK)
    2. Creator is looking for a specific filename that it's not finding, so maybe I need to make a link.

    Do either of these seem likely to you?


    Here are (at least some of) the files produced by macports. According to a thread I read (not in Qt-land), these are what to expect.

    bq. mac mini:~ mzimmers$ cd /opt/local/bin
    mac mini:bin mzimmers$ ls gcc*
    gcc-ar-mp-4.7 gcc-nm-mp-4.7
    gcc-mp-4.7 gcc-ranlib-mp-4.7
    mac mini:bin mzimmers$ ls g++*
    mac mini:bin mzimmers$

    I also tried making a link in /opt/local/bin:

    @mac mini:bin mzimmers$ sudo ln g++-mp-4.7 gcc

    and made a similar link for "g++", but Creator is still picking up the other version (4.2 in /usr/bin) instead.

    Here's my PATH variable:

    @mac mini:bin mzimmers$ echo $PATH

    So...do I need to do something to get creator to re-examine the paths to the tool chains? Restarting it doesn't seem to do anything.

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    Restarting should cause Creator to pick up the PATH. Does "which g++" find the right thing?

  • I assume you mean restarting Creator, not restarting my system, right. And yes, "which g++" does find the one I want:

    @mac mini:~ mzimmers$ which g++

  • Any other suggestions for what I might look at here?

  • As another data point, I also added the path to llvm-gcc-4.2, but Creator didn't pick this one up, either.

    Does Creator need a link with a recognizable name like "g++" to see the compilers?

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    Creator will set the path for the executable to be picked up. Unfortunately qmake will ignore the actual binary specified and fall back to whatever is encoded in its mkspec:-( So you will need to make sure the compiler executable is actually the one the mkspec will run.

    I am not really happy with the current state of the tool chains and qmake integration, but do not see much I can do at this time to improve the situation in time for 2.5:-( For 2.6 we are already planing to improve the situation a lot.

  • bq. Unfortunately qmake will ignore the actual binary specified and fall back to whatever is encoded in its mkspec:-( So you will need to make sure the compiler executable is actually the one the mkspec will run.

    So, how do I go about doing that? With a manual addition to the tool chain? Or do I need to create a mkspec directory for the new compiler(s)? (Is there documentation on how to do the latter, by the way? I couldn't find any.)

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    You will need copy one of the directories in QTDIR/mkspecs (choose one close to what you want to use) and then edit the files in that directory.

  • Yes, I understand that (I think), but...then what?

    I'm trying to understand the whole process of introducing a new mkspec directory into the build process. So:

    • by creating this directory, how does Creator find it?
    • are there any naming conventions I should be aware of?
    • will it get overwritten/deleted/lost when I update Qt at some point? I notice the mkspec directories are under a directory named "4.8.0" so I imagine this must be a concern somehow.

    Come to think of it...this is all under a directory called "gcc." So, for non-gcc compilers (like LLVM), should I create a parallel directory path, and if so, how many of the files from gcc would I need?

    Lots of questions...so much I don't know...

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    There are LLVM mkspecs in unsupported (use them via -spec unsupported/whatever) already.

    Creator will find all the mkspecs that are available in the Qt version you selected. IIRC you can also specify a absolute path to mkspecs somewhere else.

    You will need all the files you end up using:-) Stupid answer, I know, but it depends a lot on how you define the mkspec. Just check existing ones and use them as examples.

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