Which library to install on target?

  • Hi,

    I'm new to Qt Quick. So, This might sound like a dumb question. But I'm struggling with this.
    I want to develop a complete UI for my embedded system using Qt Quick. So, I need QML to run my system.
    Now, which library to install on my target embedded linux system.
    I 've seen this page : http://qt-project.org/downloads but it shows the library with 228MB! which will float my system size abnormally. I expect my system to be around 50MB only! I think this comes with lot of things which I dont want.
    So, Can you please help me which to install? & how??

    Thanks & Regards

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    You're probably looking at the size of the debug versions of the libraries, which are substantially larger than the release versions (which are the ones you would distribute)

  • Hi,

    ThankYou for the reply.
    You may be correct. But I dont know how to remove those from the release version.
    Please give me any idea on that.

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    Downloading the source and build the libraries yourself would probably be the easiest solution.

  • Thankyou, Thanks a lot for the reply!
    Will see how to do that.

    Any more ideas are welcome :)

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