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Qt Assistant displays old helpsets alongwith the new ones

  • Hi all,

    Is there a way clean all previously registered help files from a collection file and register a new one that shares the same name with the previous ones but is newer? I am trying to fix this issue because we generate a doc build everyday and thus, end up seeing old and new helpsets in the Qt Assistant window.

    1. Create a helpset with today's date embedded in the namespace (productname.2012.06.2403) and integrate with the product build.
    2. Install the build and launch the help as needed. All works fine until here.
    3. Uninstall the product.
    4. Install newer version and launch the new help.
      After this, most of the times you will see old as well as the new help in the Qt Assistant window. That is, duplicate entries in Contents window and both (or even three or four previous versions) older and newer version of help registered in the documentation tab in Preferences window.

    To fix this, we even tried changing cachedirectory variable but even that did not help. Do you have any suggestions on how can we fix this issue?

    One way is to clean the cachedirectory, but I am not sure how tough or easy that is.


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