QtDeclarative. Where is it?

  • Hi.

    I was using QtCreator under Windows for a couple of months, but now I have a need to run my project under Linux (Ubuntu).
    I've installed it, but when I compile my project, the compiler says: "QtDeclarative: No such file or directory".

    1. I have:

    @QT += declarative@

    line in my .pro file.

    2. I was running *qmake *also to rebuild the Makefile.

    3. I've looked into /usr/include/qt4 and indeed there is nothing like QtDeclarative.

    What should I do?

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    you might want to check the actual Qt version installed.

  • Moderators

    Which version of Qt are you using on Linux?

  • Installing new version of Qt indeed helped.
    Thank you.

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