ActiveQt and MS Office

  • Hello,
    I don't know if this is the good place to anser my question... and I am very new to ActiveX and Qt. I recently tried out the new ActiveQt classes.

    I was able to figure out how to implement an ActiveX server both as an .exe and as a .dll. They both work fine in the ActiveX Control Test Container which is part of Visual Studio .NET and as an embedded object in a html document in MS Internet Explorer.
    However, I just can not get them working in a MS Office 2000 application (e.g. have the widget show in Powerpoint). I also tried to insert the
    QButton class (which is part of the ActiveQt wrapper example) into a
    Powerpoint slide. But it didn’t work.

    So my question is if and how do I get my ActiveQt server or the example
    controls to work in an MS office application?

    Thanks in advance.


  • thank you for your help.

    but this is the opposite of what I would like to do.
    in this cases, they control Word with a Widget.
    I want to insert a widget in Word and activate it.
    I can insert the widget (Wrapper Example of Qt), but it didn’t work (I can't activate the Widget wich I insert into Word).


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