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Qt Docs in QT creator

  • is it possible to get the Qt Docs in the Qt Creator?

    kinda like java docs is in netbeans.. so when you type an object name, and the list of its functions appears, beside them is a small paragraph that explains what they do, then it has a link and if you click that it takes you to the webpage with the full doc for that object/function?

    is this possible in creator?



  • Moderators

    The Qt docs are available inside Qt Creator.

    We do have a popup with all the possible completions as well (Ctrl-Space), but we do not display help there. In our opinion that just takes way too much screen space and obscures more important things when showing.

    We consider the "browsing code" use-case: You get a little popup help when hovering keywords the help knows about. That is pretty good to get a better understanding of what code does that you are not familiar with. F1 then takes you to the full help.

  • aaa makes sense..

    thanks for the tip!

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