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[solved] QGraphicsView to fill main window with QT Designer

  • Hi:

    I'm new here, so forgive me if this is answered already...

    I am trying to create a main window filled with a QGraphicsView that expands and contracts with the window.

    I can do this programmatically in the main window constructor as follows:

    @theGraphicsView = new QGraphicsView(this);

    I can't seem to replicate this using QT Designer?

    When I drag a QGraphicsView into the main window, it adds it to the CentralWidget... but it doesn't change size with the window. I have tried various settings of maximum sizes and sizePolicy. I'm probably missing something really obvious, but I am stumped.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


  • You should add it into layout. In QtDesigner you can put QGraphicsView into central widget , than right click on it and layout it horizontally or vertically.

  • Denis:

    Thanks... I thought that was needed... but all of the layout options are grayed out, both in the popup menu and in the tools->form editor menus?


  • Denis et al:

    Got it! I added a grid layout, then added the Graphics View and all is well.


  • Well, maybe not... the Graphics View fills the layout, but the layout doesn't fill the central widget when the window is resized.

  • Try next steps:
    Put GraphicsView into centralWidget
    Right click on empty space in centralWidget

  • That did it! Thanks. I had tried to set the layout on the central widget prior to adding the graphics view, but menus aren't active until at least one widget is added.

    Thanks again.

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