Interview Question and Answer for Qt

  • Can anybody post Interview Question and Answer for -QT- Qt?
    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: It is spelled Qt, not QT. That would be a fun first question, perhaps; Andre

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    Are you talking about questions which would be good to ask a prospective employee about Qt for a job interview? As in to determine how much that person knows?

  • yes i am looking for job interview. I just know vey basic about QT.

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    It's hard to give any useful questions with supplied answers for you.

    For one, if you're going to interview a candidate, then you need to be able to have meaningful discussion about the answers to those questions. For that, then you have to have some knowledge of the topic yourself. While you could be arbitrarily provided with a list of questions and some stock answers, there's no guarantee that those answers are the only answers to the questions. As such, the candidate could answer correctly and you would have no idea that they had done so. That's not fair to either you or the candidate.

    Secondly, Qt is a vast toolkit comprising many modules, libraries, tools, quirks, and philosophies. There are so many particular areas that one could ask questions about that it's hard to know where to begin. Is there any particular aspect of Qt that you would like guidance on asking about? While I still maintain that it's a fool's errand to ask for this information, having a sub-topic to discuss would be more likely to get you some results than just needing topics about "Qt" in general.

    If you're looking for guidance on small coding problems which use Qt and ways that they can be solved, then you might look towards any of the examples or tutorials that are bundled with the toolkit.

  • I am looking for user interface related question answers.
    I know its tuff but if anyone can just guide me to move further that really helpful to me.

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    You might look back through the forums for real-world questions. Plenty of people have posed different questions online right here, and most threads end with solutions being posted. They definitely do if they have [Solved] in the title.

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    (Incidentally, it's Qt, not QT.)

  • i just joined this forum. so can you please give some of the link.

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    Just browse through.

    There is also a great (and fully-functional) Search box up there ^ in the upper-right corner.

    If you're asking to give you specific links, then the answer is no. You should take the opportunity to do some research on your own. You owe your future employee that much. Besides, my crystal ball is still in the shop for repairs, so at this moment I can't determine which of the questions is appropriate for your needs.

  • OK, one interesting question would perhaps be: "What is the difference between Qt Widgets and QML? When would you choose which, and why?"

    I'll just give you the question, as as mlong explained: in order to have a meaningful discussion about it, you will need to understand the answers yourself anyway. Still, this issue has been discussed on the forum before, and there are other resources at this website available as well that can get you started.

    A tip might be this: If you are going to hire Qt developers, and you want to make sure that they are up for the task while you yourself don't know anything about it, is to hire a Qt consultant to do the technical part of the interviews for you. Yes, it will cost you some money, but hiring a developer that doesn't know what he is doing will cost you way more.

  • Hi,

    Thanks to mlong and Andre for their valuable thoughts.

    I have one suggestion that, its better to hire a programmer who is good in C++. There are a lot of interview questions available for C++. A C++ programmer can easily learn Qt.

  • Hello everyone...
    I want to add some opinion on this topic..
    If we talk about interview questions in Qt So it would be very difficult to provide FAQ.
    because the behavior of Qt can't be experienced theoretically it could be realized practically..once you cleared the things in Qt, you don't need to have FAQ.
    and also to learn Qt one not require to be expertise in C++.
    If you have basic knowledge of C++ then anyone can easily understand the stuff of Qt.

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